Shabbat Holidays & Religious Life

Explore the several religious groups and services provided at our Hillel.


Join us for Shabbat Dinner! Every Friday night, we join together to celebrate Shabbat. At Rutgers Hillel, we host three different Shabbat services each Friday night during the school-year; Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. Following services, we unite for a delicious Oneg with desserts and refreshments. All Rutgers students are invited to our FREE Shabbat dinner in our brand new Rutgers Hillel Building.


Rutgers Hillel has made it a priority to ensure that the Kashrut at Rutgers Hillel events meets the standards of the Orthodox Union. In this way, students from various Jewish backgrounds can all feel comfortable eating at Hillel.

In order to maintain that level of Kashrut, Rutgers Hillel has entrusted Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter, our OU-JLIC rabbi, to oversee these standards. If you have any questions, Rabbi Wohlgelernter can be contacted at

If you are planning a Hillel program please click below to access the kashrut form:

High Holiday Services


Rutgers Hillel runs an inclusive, egalitarian service. Rabbi Esther Reed, Senior Associate Director of Rutgers Hillel, will be leading services along with assistance from Rabbi Mordecai Schwartz and a Rutgers student.

Students who prefer to attend a local congregation can email Rabbi Esther Reed at or Rabbi Adam Frieberg at for home hospitality arrangements.

Entrance to Hillel services is free for students with ID, $125 for all others.  For Rutgers faculty and staff, the ticket price is a suggested donation. Students should show ID at the door. All others must purchase tickets in advance either in person at Hillel or by mailing a check to High Holiday Tickets; Rutgers Hillel; PO Box 11362; New Brunswick, NJ 08906.

Requests by mail must be received by Friday, September 8. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and the number of tickets requested so that we may mail tickets back to you.

Orthodox Life

The Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (OU-JLIC) is a partnership between Hillel and the Orthodox Union (OU), a program that helps Orthodox students navigate the college environment and balance their Jewish commitments with their desire to engage the secular world. In addition, OU-JLIC provides avenues for spiritual development and exploration for Jewish students from varied backgrounds; JLIC presents a positive, sophisticated and welcoming face for Orthodox Judaism on campus.

OU-JLIC places Orthodox Rabbinic couples to serve as Torah educators at Hillel. At Rutgers, we are blessed to have Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter and his wife Tali as our campus JLIC educators. They offer weekly Shiurim and classes, bring guest speakers and events to campus, and help make key Orthodox necessities, such as kashrut, eruv, chagim and Shabbat, easier to observe and more meaningful.

The Wohlgelernters and their 3 young children live right on campus, and frequently host students at their home for Shabbos and other events. They learn one on one, B’Chavruta, with students, and love to just get together and talk about whatever issues are important to students.

Orthodox Chair
Yossi Newmark |

At Rutgers, we are blessed to have Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter and his wife Tali as our campus JLIC educators.

Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter |
Tali Wohlgelernter |

Conservative Life

Koach is the Conservative community at Rutgers Hillel. With a name meaning “strength,” Koach provides a foundation for any Jewish student looking to stay connected to their Jewish roots on campus. The community provides student-led Shabbat services every Friday evening, and once or twice a month on Shabbat morning. On Saturdays when we don’t have services on campus, students walk to Highland Park for services there, followed by lunch at the home of Rabbi Esther Reed. We also have a rabbinical student intern from the Jewish Theological Seminary named Matthew Nover on campus one day a week and one Shabbat a month.
Whether you find your connection religiously or socially, Koach caters to you!
Don’t hesitate to contact the Koach/Conservative community leaders for more information or if you have questions about Jewish life at RU!

Koach/Conservative Chairs
Leo Chiaet |
Max Duboff |

Check us out on Facebook at the group “Rutgers KOACH”

Reform Life

We are a group of Reform and liberal Jews at Rutgers!
We are a vibrant, diverse, and accepting community of Jews from many different backgrounds. We love good Jewish food, Torah, singing, and planning fun events!
If you have an event you’d like to see happen (and help plan!), please contact us.
FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE locations and all other important information will be posted in our Facebook group!

Alex Anesetti and Rebecca Risman (Reform Community Co-Chairs)

Rabbi Victor Appell, Reform Rabbi and Senior Jewish Educator at Rutgers Hillel
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